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Gobbetti, Enrico
Enrico Gobbetti is the director of Visual and Data-intensive Computing (ViDiC) at the Center for Advanced Studies, Research, and Development in Sardinia (CRS4), Italy. He holds an Engineering degree (1989) and a Ph.D. degree (1993) in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), as well as Full Professor Habilitations in Computer Science and Information Processing from the Italian Ministry of University and Research. Prior to joining CRS4, he held research and/or teaching positions at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), Baltimore MD, USA, and the Center of Excellence in Space Data and Information Sciences (NASA/CESDIS), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt MD, USA. At CRS4, Enrico develops and manages a research program in visual and data-intensive computing supported through institutional, industrial and government grants, including many national and international projects. His research spans many areas of visual and data-intensive computing and is widely published in major journals and conferences. The primary focus is the creation of innovative solutions for the acquisition, creation, processing, distribution and exploration of complex and/or massive simulated or reality-based models. He regularly serves the scientific community through participation in editorial boards, conference committees, working groups and steering boards, as well as through the organization and chairing of conferences. He is a Fellow of Eurographics.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2020AtlantaNet: Inferring the 3D Indoor Layout from a Single 360 Image beyond the Manhattan World AssumptionPintore, Giovanni ; Agus, Marco ; Gobbetti, Enrico 
22022Audio-visual annotation graphs for guiding lens-based scene explorationAhsan, Moonisa ; Marton, Fabio ; Pintus, Ruggero ; Gobbetti, Enrico 
32020Automatic 3D Reconstruction of Structured Indoor EnvironmentsPintore, Giovanni ; Mura, Claudio ; GANOVELLI, FABIO ; Fuentes-Perez, Lizeth ; Pajarola, Renato ; Gobbetti, Enrico 
42019Automatic modeling of cluttered multi-room floor plans from panoramic imagesPintore, Giovanni ; Ganovelli, Fabio ; Jaspe-Villanueva, Alberto ; Gobbetti, Enrico 
5Dec-2021Deep3DLayout: 3D Reconstruction of an Indoor Layout from a Spherical Panoramic ImagePintore, Giovanni ; Almansa, Eva ; Agus, Marco ; Gobbetti, Enrico 
62023Exploiting Local Shape and Material Similarity for Effective SV-BRDF Reconstruction from Sparse Multi-Light Image CollectionsPintus, Ruggero ; Ahsan, Moonisa ; Zorcolo, Antonio ; Bettio, Fabio ; Marton, Fabio ; Gobbetti, Enrico 
7Dec-2021Generalized Adaptive Refinement for Grid-based Hexahedral MeshingPitzalis, Luca ; Livesu, Marco ; Cherchi, Gianmarco ; Gobbetti, Enrico ; Scateni, Riccardo 
82022Instant Automatic Emptying of Panoramic Indoor ScenesPintore, Giovanni ; Agus, Marco ; Almansa, Eva ; Gobbetti, Enrico 
92022An integrative view of foveated renderingMohanto, Bipul ; Islam, AMB Tariqul ; Gobbetti, Enrico ; Staadt, Oliver 
10Jun-2021A novel approach for exploring annotated data with interactive lensesBettio, Fabio ; Ahsan, Moonisa ; Marton, Fabio ; Gobbetti, Enrico 
112020State-of-the-art in Automatic 3D Reconstruction of Structured Indoor EnvironmentsPintore, Giovanni ; Mura, Claudio ; Ganovelli, Fabio ; Fuentes-Perez, Lizeth ; Pajarola, Renato ; Gobbetti, Enrico 
12May-2021Web-based Exploration of Annotated Multi-Layered Relightable Image ModelsJaspe-Villanueva, Alberto ; Ahsan, Moonisa ; Pintus, Ruggero ; Giachetti, Andrea ; Gobbetti, Enrico