Practical Free-form RTI Acquisition with Local Spot Lights   [Oct-2016]

Pintus, Ruggero; Ciortan, Irina; Giachetti, Andrea; Gobbetti, Enrico

Multispectral RTI Analysis of Heterogeneous Artworks   [Sep-2017]

Giachetti, Andrea ; Ciortan, Irina ; Daffara, Claudia ; Pintus, Ruggero ; Gobbetti, Enrico 

A Novel Framework for Highlight Reflectance Transformation Imaging   [30-May-2017]

Giachetti, Andrea ; Ciortan, Irina ; Daffara, Claudia ; Marchioro, Giacomo ; Pintus, Ruggero ; Gobbetti, Enrico 

Guided Robust Matte-Model Fitting for Accelerating Multi-light Reflectance Processing Techniques   [Sep-2017]

Pintus, Ruggero ; Giachetti, Andrea ; Pintore, Giovanni; Gobbetti, Enrico 

Mobile Graphics   [Apr-2017]

Agus, Marco; Gobbetti, Enrico ; Marton, Fabio ; Pintore, Giovanni ; Vázquez, Pere-Pau 

Objective and Subjective Evaluation of Virtual Relighting from Reflectance Transformation Imaging Data   [Nov-2018]

Pintus, Ruggero ; Dulecha, Tinsae ; Jaspe Villanueva, Alberto ; Giachetti, Andrea ; Ciortan, Irina ; Gobbetti, Enrico 

A Practical Reflectance Transformation Imaging Pipeline for Surface Characterization in Cultural Heritage   [Oct-2016]

Ciortan, Irina; Pintus, Ruggero; Marchioro, Giacomo ; Daffara, Claudia; Giachetti, Andrea; Gobbetti, Enrico

Aging Prediction of Cultural Heritage Samples Based on Surface Microgeometry   [Nov-2018]

Ciortan, Irina ; Pintus, Ruggero ; Gobbetti, Enrico; Giachetti, Andrea 

Techniques for seamless color registration and mapping on dense 3D models   [12-Apr-2017]

Pintus, Ruggero ; Gobbetti, Enrico ; Callieri, Marco ; Dellepiane, Matteo 

Automatic Algorithms for Medieval Manuscript Analysis   [2017]

Pintus, Ruggero ; Yang, Ying ; Rushmeier, Holly ; Gobbetti, Enrico 
Conference Materials

SliceNet: deep dense depth estimation from a single indoor panorama using a slice-based representation   [Jun-2021]

Pintore, Giovanni ; Agus, Marco ; Almansa Aránega, Eva María ; Schneider, Jens ; Gobbetti, Enrico 

Exploiting Neighboring Pixels Similarity for Effective SV-BRDF Reconstruction from Sparse MLICs   [Nov-2021]

Pintus, Ruggero ; Ahsan, Moonisa ; Marton, Fabio ; Gobbetti, Enrico 

Guiding Lens-based Exploration using Annotation Graphs   [Oct-2021]

Ahsan, Moonisa ; Marton, Fabio ; Pintus, Ruggero ; Gobbetti, Enrico 

AI Support for Accelerating Histopathological Slide Examinations of Prostate Cancer in Clinical Studies   [7-Aug-2022]

Del Rio, Mauro ; Lianas, Luca ; Aspegren, Oskar ; Busonera, Giovanni ; Versaci, Francesco ; Zelic, Renata ; Vincent, Per H ; Leo, Simone ; Pettersson, Andreas ; Akre, Olof ; Pireddu, Luca